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Culture - an appropriate environment

changing world

Could this topic be more in the news right now? Even at the very highest level of government, with the very people we entrust to create and manage our country and laws, we have seen the need to ensure that appropriate standards of behaviour are applied in teams and groups that work together.

Things have moved on quickly. What was accepted and unchallenged is a now a potential business risk.

Photo by  Tim Gouw  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

While everyone fundamentally understands the general concept of appropriate behaviour, truly comprehending what this means in every hour and every minute of the working day is not grasped by all members in the team. The world we live in is moving so fast that three generations can easily be working very closely alongside each other who all have a very different bias on life based upon upbringing and history. 

It is possible to educate everyone to a common level of understanding and behaviour which makes for a more secure and harmonious and enlightened team culture. 


culture PROGRAMS

Stradivarius offers a range of programmes aimed at various team groups in your business.  From the whole company, to just the leadership team to smaller department teams and even shopfloor.

There are several programmes that vary from a half day introductory and guidance sessions to more comprehensive 2 to 3 day leadership and coaching programmes where team members not only learn about key terminology, how to lead be example etc, but they also learn how to coach and mentor their team members to create a process of continual improvement in the business.

A summary of the full range of programmes is given here

Photo by  Alex Kotliarskyi  on  Unsplash


Implementing a culture and behaviour programme in your business could lead to a  situation where you avoid dealing with a disciplinary action, however this is truly worse-case. In our view, this is not actually the main goal of this training.  We believe the greatest benefit is achieved through an uplift in overall team behaviour, from a more considered working relationship between all team members leading to increased collaboration, productivity and output.