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Are All Coaches  The Same ?



I have been there and done it. I've lead businesses as CEO, President and Managing Director in the private and public sector and in the UK and internationally. I' ve been through the great growth periods and been through the recessions. I've made businesses grow.


Coaching is primarily about the individual with the key goal being to make them a better Manager, Leader, Innovator, Business person etc. But my coaching goes beyond the person and guides them within the specific needs of the business to ensure strategic and operational success. (See the above point). 


Here's the rub! Of course a coach should be encouraging and motivational. But does every coach really challenge the individual? Do they actively avoid conflict? In truth, if there are not moments of discomfort the coaching is not being as effective as it should. Do remember a time when you were truly challenged and you actually achieved real success?


I'm here for you. Not just once a blue moon. Need a sounding board NOW? Just before the meeting, the presentation, the conflict, the boss? Let's talk, now.

What to expect

Successful businesses want better and more sustainable performance. To achieve this you need to think, act and behave differently. Often, with many years under your belt this becomes a challenge. But my coaching helps you see different ways to approach strategic direction, operational performance and management of the team. Through many real life examples plus a proven techniques to carefully and skilfully introduce new ideas into your work pattern you will begin to see that different behaviours create different and more beneficial outcomes. 

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Ready to be challenged?