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leadership DEVELOPMENT

Your leadership team has talent and skill, otherwise  why are they there? But with a mindset of continual improvement you know that their leadership skills could be developed and honed. Building upon strength and realising this extra potential can have a huge effect on the capability of the business as a whole.

I can work with groups or individuals on carefully crafted customised programmes to raise leadership effectiveness quickly.

emotional intelligence (eQ)

You probably have a perspective about the level of EQ (as opposed to IQ)  shown by the staff in your business. You probably recognize both the need for some development for specific individuals and also on a group basis. I supply training, coaching and support for  both. Using proven assessment and training techniques and using my own personal experience, results from even short programs can be seen almost immediately. Click below to get details of Leadership Programmes

team engagement

When all the oarsman row in complete synchronisation the boat travels at its fastest. When the musicians play in tune and all at the same speed the music sounds best. You need all your staff to be fully behind the strategy and the goals of the business. This is rare. But this is possible. Trust and communication are a couple of key requirements here.

I can facilitate sessions within the business that not only promote the business direction, but more importantly dare to ask the team what they are currently thinking about the business and its leaders and to tease out the gaps in their understanding that are holding the business back. Scared about heading down this road? Shouldn't you be scared about the result if you don't?

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Leadership Programmes


Culture Programmes


Your business culture

Organisation, Structure and business processes are key to driving your business however all this will be undermined without a strong and healthy behavioural culture in your business. Even the smallest hints at a negative or disruptive behaviours in your business can have a deep impact on the ability to achieve your goal in a timely manner, or in some instances not achieve your goals at all.

How individuals work with each other and how the overall business is led from the top of the organisation have a strong impact on the behaviour and culture in the business. Culture and behaviour programmes work with individuals or team to draw out the current environment and aim to start to help develop better collaborative team-work almost immediately.

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