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Business Development


Are you looking to start out in a business? Or possibly you have reached the completion of your first stage of your company and now you are looking to know how to grow to the next level? It's vitally important to have a clear path and goals otherwise you'll be heading down a path blindly and you are likely to be aimlessly chasing the short-term issues of the moment and the result is getting hopelessly lost. There are a series of key elements to creating a business plan which is going to be realistic and yet a little stretching. Let me help you create that plan.

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Market development

Looking to explore some new market opportunities? Maybe a new territory, or a new sector of the market or simply different types of customer? I can help map out the opportunities and help qualify the size of the opportunity and advise the best means to efficiently trial the market as an efficient way to take steps into this new exciting opportunity.

A small amount of simple research in a new market segment can help shape your product offer and pricing to be attractive these new buyers.






Markets change and there's a need to constantly review new product opportunities. Innovation ensures you keep ahead of the competition and I can help run workshops with your team as an example to review market need and unearth options for competition-beating unique product.

Continual product gap analysis, comparing to your competition, is vital to ensure that your breadth of offer and range of price points are optimised for your market. The most significant issue that businesses have in achieving market and product development is devoting sufficient time to it. Time to explore and complete this vital activity over their day job of running the existing business, which of course is in decline - because it's yesterday's product in today's market


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Innovation should be at the heart of your product or service development.  Want to know how to make this work? Let me talk you through this and demonstrate how it works.  It's fun! It gives you competitive advantage! Innovation starts by seeing the opportunity. What doesn't work? What's missing? Why are there so few options?

There are 5 key factors in optimising your Innovation strategy, it's the secret sauce of ensuing you generating the innovative ideas and then effectively execute for profit.

CULTURE  | The right environment

THE IDEAS BUCKET |  how to manage ideas

KILL SCEPTISIM |    Don't discard too early

PLAY |  How to explore effectively

COLLABORATION  |  Everyone onboard

For example, when  Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow recognised that there was hardly any choice of tonics to make a great gin and tonic, and that the product in the market was really poor, they set about creating a completely new brand to bring to the market. It was first produced in 2005. Heard of Fever Tree?! It's now the biggest global brand in its market


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