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market experience

My business development and people growth expertise can be applied to any product or service industry.

Below you will find some of the markets and channels where I have extensive experience from my career.  If you are looking for specific business development in these markets please feel free to talk to me about these.

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I have worked extensively with home products and consumer durables. These products are generally a higher unit price and are a more infrequent purchase for the consumer. They also tend to have some level of technical aspect which is key in the marketing and selling-in and also in manufacture.

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bathrooms / Kitchens

I spent over 15 years in this product sector. The routes to market and the pricing across omni-channels can be complex. Creating a balance of  beautiful aesthetics, strong technical function and low cost is key for manufacturers, as well as watching market trends and constantly looking for innovation.

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My experience comes from the carpet sector with  Brintons Axminster for both global commercial and UK retail markets. I managed business both in the UK and the USA and directly managed a global sales and design team.



In this industry I managed two key businesses, one in the commercial sector with custom furniture for hotels and then also a luxury brand in the residential sector, both including case goods and upholstery and accessories.

experience: Market Sectors

The channels I worked in have been both B2B (Business To Business) and B2C (Business To Consumer). Often the routes to market have been complex. For example a process of specification with architects and designers, then through procurement companies and contractors and also dealers and distributors supplying the end user, which may be a either consumer or a business customer.



My main focus has been in the lightside sector supplying heating and plumbing products to the  UK merchant trade for many years. We have seen the consolidation of the merchants over the years and the gradual specialisation and focus and also changing culture develop in the major players. 



Ensuring that the influencers at the beginning of the specification process are on board with your brands is key but retaining that specification through the procurement process is even more important. Architects and interior designers need to be serviced quickly and accurately to gain trust and repeat specifications



Retailing with the need for optimising product offer and merchandising requires a different focus to the sale of the same products online, for sale directly or through a third party e-tailer. Pricing is the key element in managing the omni-channel approach.

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